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Joe and Angela – Married


I’ve tried every Christian dating site out there, you name it, and I’ve tried it, even secular sites. The men I met were all great Godly men, but I just knew God wasn’t giving me the go ahead to continue dating them. I simply did not have a peace about any of them. I knew that God placed a deep desire within me to be married, but I just didn’t want to get married to anyone, just for the sake of saying I was married, and just settling. As hard as it was sometimes I would continue to give this desire of marriage to God, because I knew He had His best for me!

One day I was just browsing the internet and I saw Terri’s, The MatchmakersUSA Site. I read testimonies of other couples on the site, and thought how awesome it would be if God used Terri to bring me the husband God has for me. So I prayed/talked to God and said, this is it God, I’m going to try this last dating adventure but after this, if I am meant to be single so be it. I wasn’t sure by God not answering my prayers of bringing me my husband if He was telling me He had other plans for me of singleness or if He wanted me to continue being patient while preparing me to be married one day. I just wanted and still want what God has for my life so I didn’t want to jump ahead of Him, I know He loves me and wants to bless his children, me, with His best.

For two years I was single, I dated, but never hugged, held hands, or kissed any of them. I wanted it to be pure, I wanted God to bring pure love between me and the man I was to be with, when the time was right. I felt that God had brought me to Terri and her team, so I thought I would give it a try.

When I met with Terri, I was very skeptical to say the least. I thought what a fun, outgoing, loving, Godly women, but there is no way she is going to find someone for me. As I was sitting there with her, I thought does she even know what she is getting herself into, does she know ALL the qualities I am looking for in a man. Some friends and family thought I was too picky, but I knew, that if it was still in God’s will for me to be married, then He would give me my hearts desires, and more. As I was talking with Terri she made me feel so comfortable and she was able to relate to my hearts desires because of her singleness and longing to be married. I remember Terri saying that in the program that she and her staff would be praying for my future husband and that I was to be also. I thought how amazing is that, I have been praying for my future husband for a long time, but at that very moment I didn’t feel alone, I felt that I had partners to join me with that prayer. I also remember Terri stating that she knew I would not be in the program that long, that I would be picked up right away. I remember just smiling, and thinking, I wasn’t as confident as she was but hey I loved her optimism.

Terri was right; I was not in the program long at all. I joined the program in October and by November I received my first match which was Joe, and we have been together ever since we met December 21, 2010. Joe will share the story of how that came to be, it wasn’t smooth sailing at first, God really had to break down some previous mind barriers I had, but looking back at everything we continue to see how God was working behind the scenes to bring us together.

Joe is such an amazing Godly man, the more I get to know him the more I love him. As I go back and read journals I wrote to God about how badly I wanted to be married and the qualities I was looking for in a husband, God answered all my prayers and more. He couldn’t have made a better partner for me, I was right there helping Him create my future husband. He knew and gave me all that I wanted and needed. The quality I love most about Joe is that He loves God and loves people; he simply wants to be Gods servant! I love that when things at work, family or situations are rough; he turns to God, and prays for me. I love that we read and study the bible together. We both have the same chronological bible and we go through a chapter a night with each other studying God’s word. I love the fact that Joe accepts me completely; he supports me, and loves me deeply. With the love he shows me I am able to get a glimpse of the Father’s love for me, and when I truly think about it I am blown away. I have so much fun with Joe, and love spending time with him whether it be hiking, kayaking, playing board games, or just watching a movie. I just love spending time with my best friend! I thank God every day that He used Terri and her staff to bring us together. If it wasn’t for them, and them listening to God, we would have never been matched up together and would have never met.

We will be getting married this December, December 21, 2011, exactly one year from the day we met. We know that it is in God’s plans for us to marry and look forward to how God will continue to use us as a couple for His glory and to further His kingdom.

 - Angela




Ok so i heard about Terri from the fish radio station. I wasn’t going to call but thought “Why not, what have i got to lose?” So i called Terri and set up a time to meet. Terri was great. She was so kind and encouraging. But frankly, i didnt think that Terri would find anyone for me. I didnt believe that the woman I was looking for existed. I was looking for a woman who was sold out to God, loved the mission field, but was real and loves to laugh and have fun. I had been so discouraged and really hurt in the past. i figured at least i would get alot of “practice dating” and meet some nice christian women.

So I met some nice Christian women. But no one who I wanted to spend my life with, until I met Angela. It’s really hard for me to articulate how I feel. How do you describe the woman that you were created to be with? We laugh , we enjoy each other, we kayak, we hike, we pray and read the Word of God together. It is so incredible to feel 100% accepted and loved for who I am. For the first time I feel truly loved. I have been waiting all of my life for Angela.

My whole life has changed. Angela has ignited so many things on the inside of me. Everyone around me has said that I am different. That I have changed for the better. They are right, I have changed, and won’t ever be the same.

Now i am engaged to the most amazing person. I didnt think i would ever love anyone this much and really really enjoy being together. Terri was great! God really used her. I didnt think it was possible, but its not only possible, its now a reality. I needed to date a few other nice girls ,before i met the woman i was made to be with. We are getting Married in just a few months and i am so excited. My life is just starting. God has brought a new life and reformation to me. Thank you Terri, for being used by God and leading me to my destiny, with the woman of my dreams.

 - Joe