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Joe and Sarah – Married

When I first came to Terri, I must admit I had reservations. I wasn’t sure if I was ready to truly put my full trust in the process Terri and her amazing team were inviting me into. Letting God (through their ministry) bring me my match? Could I really do that? Of course, I was hopeful, this is the God who created the entire universe after all! But it still seemed like a very unconventional way to begin a relationship that might lead to a marriage! But once I met Terri and heard her tell me about the amazing way God has worked in her life to match so many people, my trust was earned!

I recall writing my description of the wonder-woman I was looking for and thinking how great it would be if I actually found her. It took a few matches until Terri and her talented team finally introduced me to Sarah. What I didn’t know at the time was that God was busy working in my future fiance’s life, bringing her into the TMU program and likewise preparing her to meet me.

Terri’s program is exceptional. I needed a little encouragement and her team brought me that. I needed some relationship coaching and Terri was the perfect listener and a great sounding board. Plus, she had me speak with Pastor George who also had some very helpful lessons to teach regarding discernment for God’s will in my life.

My initial phone conversation with my fiance, Sarah, was so natural! I liked her sense of humor and her easy-going ways. We couldn’t meet right away as I was heading out of town, but during the week I was gone, we stayed in contact via text. It was an easy connection for the two of us, right from the start. But what has astounded me over time has been how ‘right’ it’s truly been. To me, any relationship can be great if life is smooth sailing and there are no big waves or storms. But in the year and a half we’ve been together now, we’ve had our share of challenges too. It’s a labor of love to bring two families together. I want to emphasize that – labor AND love! And there have been some challenges with employment in this tough recessionary period so many people have been impacted by. But through it all, the Lord has taught both of us many important lessons and we’ve seen His hand on us throughout the process.

Sarah and I were finally engaged just before Thanksgiving, 2012. Daily, our relationship deepens and grows more into the ideal we both initially had of a Christ-based, faith-centered loving relationship. We’re both totally convinced that Jesus has been working in our lives from the beginning. Sarah has far exceeded what I initially wrote about in that first essay. She’s the most loving, compassionate, patient, kind and generous person to ever enter into my life. Together we’ve gone through some difficult times but we have never once doubted our relationship or God’s intent for us. She is as beautiful on the inside as I think she is on the outside!
Sarah and I would recommend Terri and The MatchmakersUSA to any Christian looking for a relationship that leads to marriage. Terri has a calling that she’s used to help hundreds of couples over the years and her dedication to her clients is testimony to the fact that for her it’s about service, love and hope. I know through her, God is changing lives – ours, and if you pursue this – yours too!

We wish you happiness, the blessings of the love relationship God has planned for you, and peace.

Joe and Sarah