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Joe K.

Joe K.

Orange, CA 9/8/2015


I wanted to write a review for Terri and The Matchmakers USA, this is long overdue.  

I signed up with Terri, and was very hesitant, I wasn't really sure if Terri could do what she said she could do, and find me a match.  I was very specific and had very high standards.

I was matched each month, but some months the match or I didn't want to go out.  It takes time, there were a few matches that we didn't seem to connect.  The whole time I kept in touch with Terri and she kept in touch with me. I am sure that some people show Terri a certain side and the matches another side of who they are.  Terri did a thorough job of screening the matches, but this is not a perfect science.

I, at times through the process got discouraged. But Terri kept encouraging me and at times gave me some tough love.

Ultimately, after some time, and a number of matches I met the perfect match.  She was so perfect for me, and in the beginning I didn't know that she was my perfect match. It was a little bumpy at first, as we got to know each other by phone.  But Terri was great, very encouraging and helpful. 

After a few dates and countless hours of conversations we started a relationship, got engaged and married.  We have been married almost 4 years.  We just had a little baby girl.

Honestly I didn't know life could be this amazing.  I love my wife and I know she loves me! It's awesome!  We have a great relationship.  I honestly can say I have never known what it was like to really be loved and experience love until I met my wife.

I believe that this matchmaking thing is a process.  I needed to go on a bunch of dates so I could grow and learn.  The whole experience was just that, an experience!

I am confident if you stick it out through the whole process, you could meet your perfect match. Terri was definitely used by God with my wife and me.  I never would have met my wife if it weren't for Terri.

Thank you Terri for doing what you do.  God used you to change my life, and start an amazing little family.