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Ramon and Debbie – Married

“I went to Terri for the same reason I use a personal trainer. They are pros and it’s their job to make things happen. And I was very impressed with Terri’s track record of 350+ weddings with no divorces. The very first profile I was sent was for Debbie. At first I was skeptical because I am a charismatic and Debbie came from a mainstream denomination that is not known for being charismatic. This seemed to me to be a big problem. But Terri convinced me to at least give it a try and see what happened. We went on our first date on Oct 24, 2008. We felt comfortable enough to try some more dates and we kept on going. Today, July 26, is a special day. It is our 100th date (yes – I’ve been keeping track). I proposed on May 23 and she said YES! And we were married in Sept. 2009.There are 2 things to consider about this whole process. First, Terri has a gift. She knows what she is doing. What is obvious to her may not be obvious to you. But if you cooperate with the program, you may end up with a wonderful surprise (like my Debbie). If you were going to hire Leonardo Da Vinci to make you a painting, you wouldn’t quibble with him about his colors or his subject matter. You would just leave him alone and let him do his job. If you let Terri do her job and cooperate just a little, you may get something far beyond what you expected. Second, on the surface Terri’s services appear expensive. But I’ve spent lots of money on lots of different things over the years (most of which have either lost their value or I can’t remember anymore). But I consider what I spent with Terri to be the best investment of my life. What is it worth for to you to have a realistic shot at a happy ending? To me, it was worth much more than what Terri charged, so I ended up with the bargain. If you are realistic about getting married, Terri is the lady to see.”

- Ramon


“Finding out about Terri has been the best thing I have done since I decided to get back into the dating world. Terri truly has a gift that allows her to see what makes a good match. She made it possible for me to meet a very special man who becomes more special every time we are together. As we work on our relationship, Ramon and I know that we are in Terri’s prayers and that she is there for us if we need advice or encouragement. I would encourage anyone to use Terri as their matchmaker!”

- Debbie