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Ramon M.

Ramon M.

Simi Valley, CA



Debbie and I just celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary. We met through Terri. 

We lived in different towns, went to different churches and weren't even on the same dating sites. There was zero chance we were going to meet without help.

I met Debbie on my first match. Debbie had been with Terri for a few months before she met me. Keep in mind that since there are more ladies in Terri's database than men, men should have an easier time finding a match. And if Debbie had thrown in the towel too early, we wouldn't have met.

Anyway, here is our timeline. I met Debbie on 10/28/2008, I proposed on 5/27/2009 and we got married on 9/5/2009. None of which could have happened without Terri.

The money I spent with Terri was easily the best money I've ever spent.