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Sam M.


Sam M.

Toronto, Canada




I've worked with Terri for over a decade and have gotten to know her over the years. She is a pleasure to work with, has 100's of success stories, and is 100% devoted to matching singles, which she has been doing for over 28 years. 

Terri goes above and beyond to help her clients. Unfortunately, some people can never be satisfied, no matter what you do for them.  I think some have issues that require the services of a therapist, not a Matchmaker.

Matchmaking takes time, too. It isn't like a drive-thru or a 24 hour dry cleaner service. If more singles took the time to let professionals like Terri find the perfect match for them, they'd have a higher likelihood of success. I know of that which I speak, as I have been running a successful Christian dating service for over 16 years (