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Wiley Hicks S.


Wiley Hicks S.

Los Angeles, CA




In my adult single years, I've been on several dating sites looking for long lasting love and none of them came even close to delivering the professionalism that The Matchmakers USA did and I could tell that Terri and her staff genuinely had their hearts in what they do. But I knew that anyway as I have known Terri for about 10 years prior to my subscribing to her services and I already knew how she treats people.

I'm still single, but that's my own fault because of my career, travel, the high energy environment I live in and my long hours, which makes me difficult to match up. I've already met some wonderful women, but not quite the perfect fit yet.

But I have no doubt that Terri will take care of me in my search, which I honestly feel is now "our" search. Thanks ahead of time for our success, Terri. I'm excited for my results and she'll do the same thing for you!